Banning Cameras in Barns and Slaughter Houses

April 20, 2012

feedlot calvesBig Ag doesn’t want the public to know what goes on inside their facilities–hogs and chickens in cages, dairy cows sleeping on concrete, animal waste polluting our water, feedlots knee deep in that waste, slaughter houses employing unskilled workers doing dangerous jobs for low wages. But cell phones that double as cameras, teeny tiny video cameras, and documentary filmmakers are getting the word out. The industry is worried and is pushing back. Read more here.

In two states industry-backed laws have been introduced that ban cameras in food-producing facilities without written permission. The bill that’s been introduced in Florida would make it a felony to photograph or videotape a farm without the farmer’s permission. It’s aimed at animal rights activists who take photos to document animal abuse.

The Iowa legislature approved a bill that would punish people who work in the ag industry and secretly record the abuses. They would face heavy fines and up to five years in prison. But there is not a single federal law that protects farm animals from the cruelty they endure.

The existence of these proposed laws tells us several things: (1) Industrial food producers have a lot to hide. (2) The politicians who support these laws are immune to animal suffering. (3) Indie films are successful in shedding light on the abuses. (4) The pushback from consumers is working. (5) Running scared, Big Ag is trying desperately to look green. Click here for an example. (6) Our best course of action is to buy local from farmers who have nothing to hide.

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