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If you want to buy more local food, believe in supporting our local farmers, and want the best nutrition for yourself and your family, this website is for YOU. This is an interactive website and everyone is invited to participate. So ask your questions, contribute to our posts, send us additions and updates, and help us continue our long South Dakota tradition of protecting our resources and being good neighbors.

Good-bye to All Our Friends

January 9, 2014


After four years of doing Dakota Local Food Network, Barb, Tonya, and I are moving on to other things.

We will keep the site up for a while for people to use as reference, but we won’t be publishing any new material. And what is published may not be as accurate as it once was.

Thanks to all who have contributed over the years. We appreciate your support.

For ongoing information please consider the following:

  • Rapid City Hens, a group that advocates for backyard chickens, is on Facebook.

We wish you all a happy healthy 2014 and lots of good tasty local food.


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Envisioning a Future for Grain Farmers

January 5, 2014


The cost of seed, the cost of fertilizer, the cost of farm machinery, the cost of fuel, the unpredictability of the weather—South Dakota grain farmers trying to make a living have a tough row to hoe, literally.

Mark Bittman of the NYT interviews Wes Jackson of The Land Institute about the road ahead for small farmers, and Wes has much to say.

You can see the interview here.

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Saying Good-bye, Sadly

December 30, 2013

Dakota Thyme Bakery and Bistro was the dream of owner Julie Smoragiewicz, who knows good food and loves to bake. She put together locally sourced ingredients, homemade breads and tasty desserts, a refurbished downtown building, and a friendly atmosphere to give the best of our area to whoever walked in the door. And many did. But not enough. On December 24 the doors closed for good.

The Main Street Square location in Rapid City seemed like just the right place. The local food followed current trends. The place was attractive. The quality was first rate. But these things weren’t enough.

We thank Julie and her supporters for showing Rapid City what we could have. We weren’t quite ready for what she had to offer, but in the future maybe we will be. And we wish her the best as she uses her talents in new and creative ways.



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The Pleasure of Buying, Cooking, and Eating Real Food

December 25, 2013


Chef Arun Gupta describes some of his best easy-to-make dishes made with ingredients that are fresh, local, and not that expensive. You can read about them here.

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Ten Kitchen Tips from Darya Pino

December 20, 2013


Nutritionist Darya Pino recently published ten kitchen tips for those who spend time in the kitchen. She pays attention to flavor, nutrition, economy, and ease of preparation. You can read the whole list here.

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